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Automatic Pizza Vending Machine

We are started by a new idea in vending world. Our machine was been studied, designed, development, to give the maximum performance to costumer, serving a pizza just cooked in short time. In less of 2 minutes, one clamp picks up pizza in fridge zone ( 3 types of pizza), separates pizza from package, brings the pizza in oven zone. Pizza is served is on a paper tray.
The management is done by a software that checks shelf life , organises the bill and coin validators, supervises mechanical movements.


We have prefered to offer a pizza that can remembers the most ancient recipe and the old better cooking italian methods.
We have choise a pre-cooked pizza. The vending machine completes the cooking . The oven has the electrical resistances: the most nearest way to get the wood oven results.

Pizza Features:

- diameter: 22 cm
- weight: 210-220 gr
- spice: classic spices of italian tradition.


The packaging and modify atmosphere solution give a big sanity advantage.
The package is sealed and conteined N and CO2. Bacterial attack is delayed.
The planning to stock the volume pizza is simplified. Shelflife is 18 months in -18°C warehouse. In the fridge machine( 0°-4°C the shelflife is 12 days. These spans of time give the opportunity to stock pizza and to refill the machine without time problems.

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